Goals and Objectives

The Retail Companies Association (ACORT) was established in 2001 in the interests of joining efforts of its members, aimed toward the creation of necessary conditions for formation and development of the civilized Russian retail market. Currently members of the Association are thirty-nine of the largest trading companies, operating on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Association, as an instrument of collective protection of the interests of its participants, makes it possible to conduct a dialogue with government authorities as efficiently as possible.

Association actively interacts with the key Federal ministries and agencies, State Duma of the Russian Federation, public associations, unions and other associations on a wide range of isues affecting the interests of retail trade.


  • representation and protection of common property interests of the Association members;
  • protection of the collective interests of its members and national retailers;
  • resistance to monopolism and unfair competition in the sphere of retail trade;
  • assistance in development of the enterprises of retail trade, construction of civilized market relations in the sphere of retail trade.


  • attraction of intellectual, financial, organizational and other resources of the Association members for the most effective realization of their professional interests;
  • protection of interests of the Association members in order to increase their competitive ability on domestic and international markets;
  • assistance to the development of Federal, regional and local normative legal acts, assistance in formation of the business customs in the retail trade;
  • organization of informational, consultative and methodological assistance to the Association members;
  • creation of data banks and information systems that facilitate the effective work of the Association members;
  • representation of interests of Association members in government authorities and local authorities;
  • distribution of information about the activities of the Association and its members among unlimited range of people;
  • generalization of the work experience of retail operators, including foreign;
  • organization of professional skills development in retail trade and professional training;
  • development and realization of the events directed on maintenance of mutual trust, contacts of the heads and experts of the Association members, on the increase reliability and integrity, as well as at strengthening of business partnership;
  • development of international cooperation with commercial and noncommercial organizations, business relations for the successful implementation of the statutory goals of the Association;
  • organization of statistical and analytical processing of information, conducting marketing research.