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Press-room / Industry news / DIXY increase the share of private label to 25% by the end of 2017

DIXY increase the share of private label to 25% by the end of 2017

In 2017, the neighborhood store chain intends to focus on its own brand product sales. In a year, the chain intends to increase their share in its turnover from 15.5% (according to 2016 results) to 25%. Own brand products constitute a distinctive competitive advantage and allow the chain to differentiate its assortment. Own brands will also be emphasized in the chain’s promotion and marketing strategy.
The chain expects to achieve the one and a half times’ increase due to renewal of its existing product lines and appearance of new unique brands in strategically important categories. The Mons line of children’s products is going to be expanded to include children’s breakfasts and milkshakes in addition to Chocomons chocolate products. The traditional dairy products category has been supplemented by products under the umbrella brand of Romanov Lug, Milken Mite brand will feature cheeses, and DIXY and Victoria stores will also offer frozen vegetables and mixes under Ogorod brand. 
The chain has also launched a number of non-food brands. In particular, it expanded its assortment under Yes brand in the hygiene products category. The chain’s offer of beer and wines is also going to be increased, with the share of own brand still wines in the category sales turnover reaching 30%. The total number of product articles will exceed 700 by the end of 2017.
Besides unique trademarks, DIXY is developing is own brands D and Pervym Delom. The share of Pervym Delom brand focusing on the “first price” segment in own brand sales will be about 7%.
“The development of this area is impossible without close cooperation with local partners. 90% of our own brands are currently produced by Russian enterprises, and the chain is prepared to expand the cooperation. In 2017 we are going to launch new brands and will continue to seek partners for our existing projects,” says Elena Savchenko, Own Brands Administration Director of DIXY Group.