Every fifth working Russian
is employed in trade industry

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Trade is a marathon of transactions with sprint speed

On July 23, representatives of a trade industry took part in the festive race «Towards to the buyer» on the fiftiethanniversary of the Retail worker’s Day.

Trade has always been a driving force of social and economic development. Reflecting political, economic and social situation in the country, it has become a mechanism for shaping society. Tools and existence of trade were changing, the country has followed different courses, but the main role in this process was unchangeably played by people. Today trade employs 19% of the working population. In fact, every fifth working Russian engaged in trade.

For the first time representatives of the industry have united in a single sports impulse: more than 1,000 employees have overcome 5 kilometers race - a kilometer for every ten years a significant date.

The race was attended by teams of Azbuka Vkusa, ACORT, AUCHAN Retail Russia, Dixy, Castorama, Lenta, Magnit, M.video, METRO, O’KEY, OBI, Snow Queen, X5 Retail Group and others. For many participants, the festive race was the first major sporting event.

Absolute winners among men in the run «Towards to the buyer» became:

I place. Nikolay Yanalov, X5 Retail Group – the best time of 16 minutes 38 seconds.

II place. Evgeny Telyatov, O'KEY – overcame the distance in 18 minutes 38 seconds.

III place. Denis Malin, Lenta – finished the race at 19 minutes 04 seconds.

On the podium of absolute winners among the women in a festive race «Towards to the buyer» got:

I place. Olga Klenovskaya, Castorama – the best time of 20 minutes 16 seconds.

II place. Angela Toure, Castorama – overcome the distance in 23 minutes 23 seconds.

III place. Ekaterina Nikolaeva, Lenta – finished the race at 24 minutes 29 seconds.

Also awarding of the best runners within each team has taken place.

In addition to the main race in Victory Park held a comic Fun-Run in costumes. Retail employees showed how well they can handle shopping carts. The winner became the team of Azbuka Vkusa, the second and the third place was won by Dixy and X5 Retail Group. The prize for the best costume was won by the teams of AUCHAN and M.video.

The event was organized by the Retail Companies Association (ACORT) and 3sport Company with the assistance of Megapolis media broadcasting holding, Bite, Hasbro and Peper Planes companies.