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Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners and ACORT signed an Agreement on cooperation

The Retail Companies Association (ACORT) and the Non-profit partnership «Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners» (ROSPiK) signed an Agreement on cooperation which is the result of joint work on development of mechanisms for effective regulation of the consumer market of Russia.

A key objective of interoperability is to provide consumers with high quality bakery and confectionery products in the sufficient volume and assortment at fair prices while respecting the general rules of competitive behavior in the commodity market.

As part of the agreement, ACORT and ROSPiK plan to hold joint events aimed at the development of the Russian market of bakery and confectionery products, as well as improving the efficiency of interaction of conscientious suppliers and retailers.

According to the Chairman of ACORT Presidium Ilya Lomakin – Rumyantsev, both the state and market participants believe that to achieve a proper level of a civilized consumer market can be possible by introducing mechanisms of self-regulation: «Self-regulation principles allow for a balance of interests, as well as help to reduce regulatory burden on conscientious market participants».

ROSPiK President Yury Kantsnelson noted that throughout the whole chain from producer to the consumer the role of trade is extremely important: «Agreement is the first fundamental step for forming of even more constructive interaction between participants of the market to provide consumers with a wide range of affordable high-quality products. Joint work to be done, but it’s pleasure».