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World consumer rights day

The head of the State Duma Committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the ACORT Presidium Ilya Lomakin - Rumyantsev and Chairman of Consumers union of Russia Peter Shelishch participated in the press conference dedicated the world consumer rights day which is celebrated on March 15.

This year the International consumers association suggested for the World consumer rights day the slogan "Eliminate antibiotics from your menu". It is connected to the fact that many producers use antibiotics for the prophylactic and treatment of livestock and poultry.

Anatoly Aksakov noted that the state Duma Committee on economic policy received a large number of complaints and suggestions for improving the readability of the labeling of food products at the legislative level.

«We sent letters to the Ministry of health and the Customs Union for refinements in technical regulations on safety of milk and dairy products, on labeling of food products. Ingredients such as palm oil, synthetic food additives and antibiotics have to be specified as a part of a product. There are suggestions that products with a certain set of ingredients displayed on a separate shelves at the retail chains so that the consumer knows the structure of products», – said Anatoly Aksakov.

According to Ilya Lomakin - Rumyantsev, consumer protection, first of all, should be based on reliable information, in this case consumers will be able to make the conscious choice.