Consumer market regulation Committee

Created in October 2015

The objectives of the creation of Consumer market regulation Committee are:

  • Study on the problems of a fair environment for the exercise of trading activity;
  • Development of requirements (standards) system for ensuring fair competition in the consumer market;
  • Development and implementation of practical proposals to ensure fair competition in the following areas:
    • online trading
    • cross-border trading
    • parallel imports  
    • fight with gray trade sector
    • fight with tax evasion 



Со-Chairman of the Committee
Tynkovan Alexander Anatolievich
President, M.video Company
Со-Chairman of the Committee
Isaev Vugar Mirzakhanovich
President, Snow Queen Company
Vice Chairman of the Committee
Ionkin Vladimir Vasilievich
Acting Executive director, ACORT
Tel.: +7 495 662-84-82
E-mail: ionkin@acort.ru