ACORT Quality Committee

Created in December 2013

The objectives of the creation of ACORT Quality Committee are:

  • Development of requirements (standards) system to producers and trade organizations to ensure product quality;
  • Development of proposals to improve the quality of products;
  • Development of proposals on the procedure and methods of control measures to ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements by producers, suppliers and retailers;
  • Preparation of proposals to optimize the order of monitoring and supervisory activities;
  • Protection of consumers' interests;
  • Interaction with the unions and associations of producers in terms of improvement of the quality of product;
  • Implementation of a mechanism of self-regulation in the retail trade to ensure quality of products;
  • Development of a common position and representation of the interests of ACORT members on product quality



Chairman of the Committee
Sommer Natalia Viktorovna
Tel.: +7 495 662 84 82
Tel.: +7 495 502 14 66
Tel.: +7 968 667 13 16
E-mail: nataliya.sommer@metro-cc.ru

Vice Chairman of the Committee
Milrud Vsevolod Efimovich
Tel.: 7 (903) 245-59-45
E-mail: quality@acort.ru